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From the moment you book your Pure Romance party we want to make sure your experience is absolutely fabulous.All you need to do is pick a date and let your Consultant help you with the details.Actress, dancer, and choreographer Rosie Pérez continues to keep men on their toes at 48-years-old.

The story of the US Territories is one of the least known and most interesting parts of American history. Ever since independence the United States has had areas which were not states but were fully part of the country.The United States came to the colonization game rather late.By the time of the presidency of William Mc Kinley, the world had already been carved up by European powers.Picture your hips dancing with this suave two-time Grammy winning singer’s hips, and you’ll understand just what we mean!Rosie Pérez A sweet face and rockin’ body make for a nearly unbeatable combination! Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, visited the island and issued a grim projection: As many as 700,000 people — or 20 percent of the population — could be infected with Zika by the end of the year, based on previous outbreaks of similar mosquito-borne illnesses such as chikungunya and dengue. Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency for Puerto Rico, making the territory eligible for increased levels of government support.


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