Adult sex site passwords

At the intersection of sex and tech this week booth babes are pressured to be sexier, Louis Theroux sides with anti-porn pundits in favor of state-sponsored internet filters, e Harmony's password leak was a dry run for Linked In, and much more.

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They are also prone to reflecting their personal preferences in their password choices, providing telling hints online and giving them out on just a simple social engineering attack.Not so: Ars Technica took a second look at Bitcoin this week and finds that innovation and entreprenurialism is furthering Bitcoin's evolution.Especially when it comes to amateur porn, as seen in examples such as the Reddit subforum "Girls Gone Bitcoin." Booth babe life: not getting better Lots of people have assumptions about booth babes - IT World decided to take a minute to ask women in the booth babe profession what their work is like. But along with the long hours of standing in heels for around 0 a day, the women working the Computex show in Taiwan are not liking the ways companies that hire them seem to be increasing their disrespectful sexualization of the women, and what at least one woman has noticed as a trend toward wanting the models to show ever more skin.The simultaneous, massive password leak at dating mega-site e Harmony was a bad situation as well.On Thursday e Harmony admitted that its password database had been compromised and somewhere around 1.5 million passwords were exposed and out in the wild.Thus, we would stress the people and process aspects of the Mitnick formula mentioned above.


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