An error occurred while validating hresult 80004005

:^) But I'm having trouble figuring out part of the process. The pseudocode for what I want to do looks like: I was finally able to resolve the problem using CCNet's API.

When a subclient contains only files and no folders, the backup can fail if you select Optimized Scan as the scan method.I was using the Application model in SCCM and executing the offline installer executable with the command line “NDP452-KB2901907-x86-x64-All /q /norestart” through a VBScript wrapper script. [5/22/2014, ] Error 0x80004005: Failed to extract [5/22/2014, ] Exiting with result code: 0x80004005 [5/22/2014, ] === Logging stopped: 2014/05/22 === I Googled the rather generic error messages from the decompression log a little bit and didn’t find anything helpful, although I did find some recommendations to 1) extract the file using 7-Zip and then run the setup.exe, which I did not want to do, or 2) use the traditional Package/Program method, which I considered.When the application failed during the task sequence, the error in read, in part: Execution status received: 4 (Application failed to install ) Installation failed. On the day that I was going to give up on the Application model and just create a Package, I did a little more Googling on installing .When a subclient contains only files and no folders, always use Recursive Scan as the scan method.Backup jobs from Windows File System i Data Agent will be displayed as "Completed w/ one or more errors" in the Job History in the following cases: For subclient containing only system state backup: When a subclient is configured for a Lync server, always a full backup of the data and settings is performed, irrespective of the backup type selected for the subclient.Make sure that the Check for deleted stubs option is not selected while initiating a synthetic full backup.


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