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Well, Chatwing has several proprietary algorthims running in the background to properly take into account how relevant this message is and if it should be deleted.

Yes, the number of different users flagging a message certainly plays a role but it is not the only relevant indicator Chatwing algorithms use, the type of user flagging along with over 75 other indicators always factor in to actions on a flagged message.

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This one time, I was with a girl who wouldn't stop talking about my penis.

I have received several personal e-mails from former atheists and other skeptics who believed Satanism and the occult were nothing but fantasy, products of an over active imagination, and/or unrealistic foolishness.

All of these people wrote to me because they realized to their surprise, Satan is *very* real.

I understand that male ego can be weak and that maybe this satisfied her partners in the past; I also think it's cool when there's some level of communication during sex. She would describe things about my penis and I didn't know what to say, so I was just, like, "Uh... " A few years ago, me and my then-boyfriend were riding the bus on our way to his house and we started feeling horny.

When we got to his place, all the lights were off and Oscar (his golden retriever) greeted us.


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