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I love Yuko’s nervous fingers, Ananth’s disaffected cool posture, and especially that wobbly word balloon Yuko has — this is good stuff, right? The character cards remind me of video games and trading cards, and they work as a great shortcut to get you introduced to these characters (people! They work so well together that feels like the product of one mind.

I hadn’t looked at some of these comics in upwards of eight years and there is a level of self-consciousness that crops up when you’re reading over hundreds of pages of your freshman work. When I dove back into the material with Yuko, I was surprised at the perspective it gave me.In addition to autobiographical comics, Hirsh and Ota additionally use the , a Kickstarter project that will be published on March 29, 2017 by Oni Press.Ahead of the omnibus release, Comics Alliance talked to Hirsh and Ota about what it was like to revisit their old work, how they set boundaries for their comic, the Kickstarter process and if they see themselves returning to autobiographical comics in the vein of the omnibus., an autobiographical webcomic about their lives in New York.Through the comic their audience got to see them grow up and experience life events over the years like travel and marriage.Artist Ian Mc Ginty has a distinctly kinetic style that’s perfectly suited to the rubbery, free-flowing characters, using a variety of angles and close-ups to convey emotion and add comedic emphasis.


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