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I feel so helpless, I cannot do anything for them but pray," she said.Overview map of the Ancient Near East in the 15th century BC (Middle Assyrian period), showing the core territory of Assyria with its two major cities Assur and Nineveh wedged between Babylonia downstream (to the south-east) and the states of Mitanni and Hatti upstream (to the north-west).The region is a vast, dry plain through which two great rivers, the Euphrates and Tigris, flow.These rivers rise in mountain ranges to the north before flowing through Mesopotamia to the sea.Isis militants have abducted at least 90 people from Assyrian Christian villages in northeastern Syria, a human rights watchdog has claimed.The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said sources reported hearing that Isis had detained “56 crusaders” via a wireless device.

The rise of the Assyrian empire created foreign policy problems for Israel and Judah. Prophecy was one response to the need for political and moral guidance in this period of crisis.

Here is a link to the second part of that sermon titled The Rise of the Germanic Beast Power of Prophecy.

The first article in this series, Germany's Assyrian Roots Throughout History, explained why from a biblical and historical perspective, that many in the German-speaking lands in Central Europe seem to have descended from ancient Assyria.

So, this second article will not rehash all the reasons why as most of them are in the original article and readers are encouraged to view the article Germany's Assyrian Roots Throughout History for many of those details.

Speaking of Central Europe and peoples near there, the old Worldwide Church of God taught: The Chaldeans descend from Arphaxad, who is also the ancestor of Abraham and Israel.


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