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I kept watching as my uncle took her in his arms and flung her on the bed covering her with his body , he got her completely naked and started playing with her body, in little time he took his own clothes off and entered her body , It was the first I was watching live sex and my heart was pounding so hard I could almost hear it beat, after he finished he dressed quickly , I came back to my home with the letter still in my hand and sat down trying to catch my breath .

After about 10 minutes I went to her house again to give her the letter , she was still in her room I knocked at the door and told her about my self , she called me inside , she was laying on the bed with a sheet covering her up to her naked shoulders, I knew that she was still naked and hiding her body underneath the sheet, I told her about the letter and she asked me to sit in the living room .

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It had been only a month after my aunt came to live in our neighborhood after she had separated from her husband she lived with her daughter,3 years old, she was not yet divorced, only separated .

She came near me and sat beside me at the same time she saw my new phone she was seeing pics of our family, I was showing her how to operate her mean while I placed my hand on her thigh and a was gently moving, for the next 5 min I did same she didn’t tell any thing, I slowly went near the pussy, she restricted me.

According to the affidavit, Bolser allegedly repeatedly messaged the girl to delete their conversations so he would not get into trouble, going so far as telling the girl to take a screenshot—or picture of the screen—to prove the messages had been deleted. I entered into home we sat on the bed which was in front of the tv. Any aunty feeling lonely widow,unsatisfied you can just contact me I can help you out in different styles, Coming to the story,one evening I went to aunt home, she was alone, I wished her she was surprised to see me.I went to her house quite a few times mostly because she needed some thing to be brought and sometimes because I wanted to see her, she was some thing to be wanted , I had been watching her body hungrily ever since she arrived , also her dressing being casual and liberal made her a good show, she often wore lose clothes without a bra because she used to breast feed her child and it was easier without a bra whenever I sat with her and she fed her child I could not resist myself staring at her boobs being sucked and hoping to be in such a position.I think she knew my interest in her body and as far as I knew then ,ignored it .One of those days I was sitting by my window watching her hanging washed clothes to dry every time she bent her dress showed her boobs I kept watching her until she remained there , after that her door bell rang and she went to answer it I could see it was her husband , they had been divorced by know and the court had given her the daughter and her husband the right to visit her daughter. He had some gifts most probably for his daughter as they went in side I got out of my room and saw a letter at my door addressed to my aunt, it did happen sometimes often the postmen confused our addresses, I thought of going to her home and give her the letter as I never missed a chance to visit her her door was almost open every time and I never took the trouble to ring the bell I simply walked inside, she was not in the living room I went upstairs to her bed room.


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