Automatic dating of documents and temporal text classification

See the GISTEMP News page for a list of announcements and NASA articles related to the GISTEMP analysis. The scheme was based on the finding that the correlation of temperature change was reasonably strong for stations separated by up to 1200 km, especially at middle and high latitudes.

T-IR, in general, aims at satisfying these temporal needs and at combining traditional notions of document relevance with the so-called temporal relevance. Temporal Information Retrieval (T-IR) is an emerging area of research related to the field of information retrieval (IR) and a considerable number of sub-areas, positioning itself, as an important dimension in the context of the user information needs. According to information theory science (Metzger, 2007), timeliness or currency is one of the key five aspects that determine a document’s credibility besides relevance, accuracy, objectivity and coverage. A school district shall make its gifted education plan available for public inspection and comment for a minimum of 28 days prior to approval of the plan by the school district’s board of directors. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (353096) and (332551) to (332553). Code § 12.41 (relating to student services); 22 Pa. • Describe the factors (e.g., isolation, differential reproduction) affecting gene frequency in a population over time and their consequences. • Examine human history by describing the progression from early hominids to modern humans. (e) Upon expiration of its current strategic planning phase, each school district shall develop and implement a gifted education plan every 6 years as required under § 16.4 (relating to strategic plans). • Compare modern day descendents of extinct species and propose possible scientific accounts for their present appearance.The four communication modalities are auditory comprehension, verbal expression, reading and writing, and functional communication.


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