Candidating ministry methodist

A good candidate should understand what he’s good at, and what he’s not.

Skill is not as important as a candidate’s life and doctrine, but it’s still important.

They deal with the pastor’s heart, head, and hands. Head (Doctrine) Questions – “Keep a close watch on…the teaching” 5.

Heart (Life) Questions – “Keep a close watch on yourself” 1. What have you been learning about God in the past year?

This story speaks of the seventy whom Jesus sent out.

This was a kind of “internship,” a training time while Jesus was still with them.

I’ve asked, and been asked, both good and bad questions. What are some joys and challenges you’ve experienced in your marriage and with your children? What are your personal disciplines for spending time in the Word and in prayer? How has your theology changed in the past five years? What is the greatest need of the North American church? What are your greatest accomplishments and failures in ministry? There are many more questions that a search committee needs to ask, but every search committee should be prepared to ask these questions.This has resulted in many Methodist records being deposited in County Record Offices.Sadly many records have also been lost through negligence at the time of chapel closures.It is not easy tracking down Methodist ancestors—there are so many sources in a large number of repositories!The 1851 Ecclesiastical Census shows that there were over 15,000 Methodist Chapels in England, Wales and Scotland attended by Wesleyan Methodists, New Methodists, Primitive Methodists, Bible Christians, Welsh Calvinist Methodists, Protestant Methodists, etc.Paul said to Timothy, “Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. It’s important to get a sense of the candidate’s heart. Chris Brauns says that articulating the gospel “should be a belt-high fastball that he hits into the upper deck.” Churches need pastors who understand the gospel and its implications for the entire Christian life. Churches need pastors who have hearts that have been touched by God’s grace, heads that are growing in the knowledge of God, and hands that are ready to serve the church. To hear more from Darryl, visit his blog at follow him on Twitter @the Dash House.


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