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The homeowner's daughter, who is still shaken by what she saw, did not want to be identified."He's mumbling and saying all this stuff getting angry," she said.After getting notifications from the Ring doorbell app, the daughter decided to check the camera footage recorded on the device."Then he puts his phone down picks up an old board and hits the camera," she said.Click here to return to the page you were visiting.A burglary suspect has been caught on home surveillance cameras in West Mobile stealing a gun from a vehicle. He came from that side of the road, he walked up checked my neighbors vehicle, checked my vehicle, checked her vehicle," said Brannon Lynch.Not soon after, another bruin, this one an adult, collapsed and died on camera. We've examined the organs to see if anything is visibly traumatic.NPS field biologist Michael Saxton said NPS doesn’t yet know the cause of death. We would expect to get toxicology reports back fairly but getting back things like bacteria cultures could take months." Troy Hamon, Katmai's chief of resource management, said the park has never witnessed a bear die from unknown causes like this. - most people were sleeping in West Mobile's Claremont neighborhood when a stranger is seen lurking in the darkness."Man got dropped off...Lynch had surveillance cameras rolling and caught the suspect with flashlight in hand -- pilfering through his vehicles. It's like the one time you forget - it seems like that is how it happens," said Lynch.

"When you're a grown adult and you poop and pee on someone's property just because, there's something wrong with that."The house is not far from a homeless camp that neighbors believe is responsible for an increase in crime in the area.The camera took a series of images depicting a golden eagle attacking a young sika deer.Linda Kerley of the Zoological Society of London and Jonathan Slaght of the Wildlife Conservation Society had hoped to see a rare glimpse into the daily habits of Siberian tigers when the camera caught the adult golden eagle attacking the young deer.A now-viral video shows the teen leaping from a ledge about 30 feet high and hitting his head Saturday.Witnesses said his friends recorded the stunt that went horribly wrong.In December of 2011, the camera took the series of images, which included three pictures during the span of just 2 seconds.


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