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Since 1994, two wars, terrorist campaigns that have included apartment bombings, suicide attacks, and large-scale hostage crises have occurred. Since then, systematic reconstruction has taken place, though unrest remains an issue. Theories concerning the name's origin, include: deriving from the village of Nakhsh, the remains of which are high in the mountains, from nex├ža, or sheep cheese, or nox, a plow.

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The climate varies according to terrain and proximity to the Caspian Sea, but is generally continental.

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    But tensions have worsened ahead of the vote, prompting former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls to promise in November that more soldiers would be sent to the territory to deal with the violence. 30, police were fired at in the region around the capital, Noumea, the latest in a spate of such attacks since an unarmed prison escapee was shot dead by police in October.

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