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The channel was originally structured to feature a tightly formatted, 30-minute newscast that was rebroadcast each half-hour, 24 hours a day, with freshly updated information that briefly covered various areas of interest (such as national news, sports, entertainment, weather and business).As of July 2015, HLN is available to approximately 97 million American households (83.4% of households with at least one television set) in the United States making it the most distributed American cable network.Personalize your page experience today and receive breaking news in your e-mail inbox and on your cell phone, get your hometown weather on the home page and set your news edition to your world region. Be the first to know about breaking news alerts or get the top headlines every morning by e-mail. brings you a global perspective on the top stories as well as regional news direct from International. To get those news alerts on your mobile phone or hand-held device, click here.Until these two major developers can get their act together and work out the problem, there is a workaround.

I was planning to do a bit of a recce around a few mobile news sites to do a compare and contrast job in relation to something I'm doing for a client.While the big retailers should take the switch in their stride, it will cause a headache for smaller stores.Banks have been telling them to sort the old coins from the new before depositing them.Now that you've got your weather, e-mail and editions set make your home page, which means will be the first Web page you see when you open up your Web browser. Click on the link below and either will automatically be set as your home page or you will get simple instructions specific for your platform or browser.I am Helen Keegan, a veteran of mobile marketing, advertising and media since 2000.So, if you have both Shockwave Flash and Open H264, and you have problems playing videos on some pages, try going into the Add-Ons manager and setting the Shockwave Flash plugin to "Never Activate", then reload the problematic page.


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