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They are pensionado, rentista and inversionista (resident investor).Which program you choose depends on your needs and financial position. Be very aware that residency procedures and requirements can change frequently, so always check for current requirements with the ARCR at net.Becoming a legal resident will by no means affect your U. In March 1992, a change in the pensionado law eliminated many tax privileges that retirees had enjoyed since the program started in 1964.To glimpse any one of the sea turtles who nest in Costa Rica is an inspiring experience.

The other sea turtle numbers are not as low, but all are in the tens or hundreds of thousands.

The survivors mature slowly—it can take up to 40 or 50 years before a sea turtle is ready to mate and reproduce.

Between slow maturation and a high death rate, it is a very real possibility that these endangered creatures will become extinct.

Whatever your motives may be for wanting to move to Costa Rica, there are a number of ways to remain in the country on a long-term basis.

Tourists from North America and many countries in Europe may remain legally in the country for three months without having to apply for legal residency.


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