Could not create the cache used for updating

This is a code example from the Beginner's Guide to Using the Application Cache on HTML5 Rocks explaining how to update users to the newest version of your site: See also Using the application cache on Mozilla Developer Network for more info. This question was asked in 2009 and in 2012 I posted an update about a new way to handle the problem described in the question.

Another 4 years passed and now it seems that it is already deprecated.

(This is a long process that takes many years.) Using any of the offline Web application features at this time is highly discouraged. Deprecated This feature has been removed from the Web standards. the main problem ive seen on this topic is when the device that the viewer is using keeps using the cached versions because the internal memory of the users device is getting full. I had a case where I would take photos of clients online and would need to update the div if a photo is changed. So I used the hack of calling a random GET variable, which would be unique every time.

Though some browsers may still support it, it is in the process of being dropped. it seems to get stuck on a cached version of the page and wont update any elements on the document. Here it is if it could help anybody This is not elegant at all, it would make the site reload the image every time wasting a lot of time downloading resources, a better solution would be to use filesize instead of a random number, this will make the cache only revalidate when the file actually changes It all depends upon a user's requirements.

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In Offline Web Applications (which is really any HTML5 website) can be used to update the cached version of your website without the need for manually reloading the page.(2016) Online Los inmortales: el origen (2007) Online Once Upon a Holiday (2015) Online 9 dias (2002) online De repente, el amor (2016) Online Nos parecia importante (2016) Online Viva (2015) Online La fiesta de despedida (2014) Online Pagafantas (2009) Online Shoot ‘Em Up (En el punto de mira) (2007) Online Historias de Lavapies (2014) Online Ice Sharks (2016) Online Midnight sun: una aventura polar (2014) Online Senor Chocolate (2016) Online Americons (2015) Online Lolo, el hijo de mi novia (2015) Online Maggie’s Plan (2016) Online Bon Bini Holland (2015) Online Burke and Hare (2010) Online Thanks very much for the programme, I have made mirrors of three different op systems (W7 W8.1 W10) on an external disk. BUT, if my computer crashes, how do I boot up and bring the mirror back? That way we can get only changes over time 'til we make another full backup Great Software! One Request: I wonder if would be possible to leave everything backed up in only one compressed file and when checks for changes make another compressed file with only changed files/folders since last full backup.My experience with the MS disk is that it will only recognise MS backups. That way we can get only changes over time 'til we make another full backup A local computer repair guy introduced me to your program, and I'm real glad he did.It’s painful to see articles that praise Application Cache’s ease of use, written by people who’ve clearly only met him in passing.I must set the record straight: I’m here to tell you Application Cache is a douchebag.Wiping cache and data worked for me and I was able to run Vine perfectly.


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