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In love will always encounter some slag men, but as the entertainment star is a disaster for the upper part of the body.恋爱中难免会遇到渣男,但是对于娱乐明星来讲,如果上半身的私密照泄露那么对他们来说就是一场灾难。 Cyndi Wang private photos leaked is not the first time recently, Cyndi Wang boudoir private photos on Facebook was compromised, she was wearing a white small cute, pink underwear, hand over her face in bed, the reader someone had to go to her home decoration reply, confirmed that the man in the picture is she...Scroll up and it’s there regarding how I got over Ming Dao already.Eun-Ju , who lost her father many years ago, finally moves gets a new family home when her mother remarries.Furthermore, Eun-Ju's mother also seems to have fallen for the charismatic personality of Hyo-Seon.Like Park Shin-hye, Jang Geun-seok is experiencing a rise in popularity leading the drama You’re Beautiful.

All the actors do a good job, especially Sandrine Pinna and Karena Lam, despite either of them not really having much to do.

Heaven’s Gift – Hebe’s twin was a last minute addition yet I thought it was fun to include it. I only wrote the first scene (aka the part where he was walking around monitoring his employees) before I replaced Ming Dao with Wallace so it wasn’t too much of a lost. I somehow fell out of the trance of ‘obsessing over Ming Dao’ so yeah, Mr. What was more, Wallace/Ming Dao was supposed to end up with Angela and Nic with Cyndi.

Then I got into somewhat a “Jindi” phase at one point hence breaking Nic and Cyndi apart.

AND also because someone drove me bananas with kept implying that Nic couldn’t measure up to Cyndi (OR something like that) hence I broke them apart AND added Yvonne and Tammy, they ended up taking bigger roles. I don’t care if you’re kidding, keep nagging about it and it would become SUPER annoying.) What about Wallace and Angela? I got into obsessing over Wallace and Yvonne at one point so I sacrificed Angela, lol.

Slanted Thoughts 2: Edge of Darkness – This part wasn’t supposed to happen.


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