Daryl sabara dating alexa vega

Pre-adolescent Carmen loathes her boring family and yearns to run away, while the shy, nervous Juni suffers from warts caused by his constantly sweating hands.

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Both Alexa and Daryl have continued working with Robert Rodriguez after their "Spy Kids" years.Grown-up "Spy Kids" star Alexa Vega has married Big Time Rush singer Carlos Pena Jr. But the greatest of these is love." Vega and Daryl Sabara starred as siblings Carmen and Juni Cortez, the children of secret agents, in the four 2001-2011 "Spy Kids," all directed by "Machete Kills" helmer Robert Rodriguez.A representative for the couple confirmed to Us Weekly Sunday that Vega, 25, and Pena, 24, were wed Saturday in Mexico. Christina Abbi Vidal is an American film and television actress.She is best known for her roles in the films Life with Mikey, Brink!We remember him as a redheaded spy, but he’s now transformed into a slim and chiselled man.


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