Dating a codependent women

In the best of circumstances, a parent will meet their child’s needs for nurturing, protection and emotional attunement in order to securely bond with them.When there is a failure to complete this process of secure bonding, codependency results.

There I was, sprawled under the four shelves labeled 'Addiction', desperately thumbing through each book with shiny streaks down my face.

Therefore when the child needs money yet again to fix their car so that they can go job hunting, what is a parent to do?

If the parent feels a bit of resentment at times towards their adult child still living at home, then that resentment often turns to guilt.

If you believe the song lyrics, soap operas and romantic movies, loving another person more than you love yourself––or life itself––is enviable, even desirable.

But what that sentiment actually refers to is codependency, defined as a relationship in which one person (or sometimes, both) loves the other to such a degree that they exclude their own needs, wants and desires."A small amount of codependency is normal," explains Tracy Prout, Ph D, assistant professor of psychology at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, New York, and a therapist in private practice in Manhattan.


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