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Sex Love Dating Our mission is to help people create conscious relationships based on love and acceptance rather than fear, jealousy, anger, and ownership.

It's time to move on from outdated ideas about love and sex.

I do the "basic" thing with my partners; using hands, oral and then vaginal sex, sometimes a few times a night. (Like, is having sex in an elevator so passé these days? ) And, I'd like to feel safe and confident enough to ask for more advanced pleasures, like butt play, or light S&M.

Please give me some tips on how to create a more imaginative and wild sex life for me and my partners.

Today, women reach orgasms as often as men ejaculate - … [Read More...]Sex positions come in all varieties, but not all of them will flatter your best body attributes.

[Read More...]It's a fact; women tend to need more time to reach orgasm. In fact, many women avoid certain sex positions because they're afraid their lover will see the cellulite in their backside or the wrinkles in their tummies. [Read More...]For some people, saying the three little words "I love you" is very difficult.

During the few times you've managed to reach a climax with your lover, it felt GREAT, right? Others have no problem with it at all (and sometimes even say it when they don't mean it).

But, I worry that moving down the line, things might become monotonous.In films, from Marilyn Monroe in ‘Niagara’ to ‘The Woman in Red’, to Jessica Rabbit, iconic in her slinky red dress, beautiful women (and rabbits) wear red.[…] Read more Once the thrill is gone, is it possible to stay together?-MPartnered sex takes place between two or more people, making it a collaborative sort of activity.This means that the highly subjective desires of your partners and their definitions of “imaginative” and “passé” are the only desires and definitions other than your own to concern yourself with.What I’m saying here is that it doesn’t matter what is en vogue with the fresh-out-of-college kids these days, unless you’re having sex with one of them.


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