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Marriage was considered the only goal; it was either accepted, or denied, in which case the courtship ceased. After the war, however, a different kind of romantic interaction suddenly appeared and spread with astonishing rapidity.

Instead of courtship, the new method was dating - a romantic connection which could be short term or long term, serious or casual, end in marriage, friendship, or nothing (and anything in between.) Furthermore, families were largely uninvolved, and it was carried on in conditions of relative privacy.

During the Victorian age, few people outside the wealthiest families attended college, and even then it was primarily men. With general malaise among the youth who looked to the future with a new cynical eye, they turned to universities to study and to have fun.

Men and women in the 1920s began attending classes in record numbers and college applications soared. college campuses but marked a turning point in the lives of young people; for now on, they would throw off their elders shackles and make an impression on the face of their country.

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They were indeed enacting a social revolution, it just wasn’t as radical as we love to think.

But how much worse would it be if the very act of it landed you in jail?

According to “Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating” (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), a sprawling new history by Moira Weigel, the first female daters faced exactly that — mistaken, in their quest for love, for prostitutes.

When we speak of sexual liberation, we should always remember that what they meant back then isn’t necessarily what we mean today.

Victorian courting couple 1860s – Up until the 1910s, courtship was a very complex ritual, that concerned not only the lives of the two people involved in the marriage, but also a host of family considerations, with regards to economic, political and social aspects.


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