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Because these huge buildings loomed over city streets like manmade mountains, the newspapers dubbed the area "Steel Canyon." This bright era of prosperity, however, possessed a dark side.It was during this period that the Southern United Manufacturing Company relocated its headquarters to Steel Canyon.Though bribery was the usual form of coercion, the company was not above using blackmail and even physical threats.Southern United was also the main support for the notoriously corrupt, yet strangely popular, mayor James "Spanky" Rabinowitz.The Paragon HDX Parcel Pack & Dispatch module changes this by allowing you to consistently track the parcel all the way to the consumer’s door, and back again if returned.It’s simple to use and integrates with a number of different carrier systems.

The Paragon HDX Parcel Pack & Dispatch module will manage pre-advice interfaces with the carrier and can process relevant parcel delivery debrief information.

Coming together to become one of the leading suppliers in the UK supports our strategy for future growth and development as we explore new markets, as well as continuing to supply to the mass transit sector.” Arron Duddin, the current MD of Burall Info Smart, will now take over as Smart Solutions Director for the enlarged company, working closely with the sales and marketing teams at BBP and BBPtech, to develop and grow the business over the coming years.

He comments: “We have worked hard over the years to position Burall Info Smart as a leading supplier of ITSO accredited smart solutions.

The reasons for that are discussed on the FAQ page.

This is a super nice Keuffel & Esser Paragon Mining transit.


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