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Delaying sod harvest/transplantation by about a month after the end of the winter shoot dormancy period increased root anchoring strength 200% and root dry mass 640% during the 30 days after sodding.

The strong effect of early-spring sodding date on root anchorage was related to cumulative thermal time before sod harvesting.

Better understanding is needed of the development of urban centres and the nature and variations of industrial and economic activity.

Completion of Urban Archaeological Databases for major centres, comparable to those developed for Lincoln, Leicester and Nottingham, is an urgent requirement in order to provide a foundation for further research and to assist in understanding the existing evidence[6].

In structural equations modeling, we use the maximum likelihood method to estimate the path coefficient.

This technique is an alternative in SEM modeling to estimate the path coefficient. Assumptions: Key concepts and terms: Problematic causal variable: The dependent or endogenous variable whose error term is correlated with the other dependent variable error term.

Agenda topics addressed: 7.1.1-7.1.4; 7.4.1; 7.4.4; 7.4.5; 7.5.3-7.5.6; 7.6.1; 7.6.3; 7.6.4; 7.7.4; 7.7.5 Archaeology of the East Midlands: 7, 210-11 SHAPE 2008: Understanding place: assessing regional historic environment components (11111.170); Realising the dividend from past unpublished historic environment investigations (11113.110); Tapping the motherlode: supporting synthesis of key commercial project research (11113.410) NHPP 2011: Historic towns and suburbs (4A1) Other research frameworks: EH Thematic Research Strategy for the Urban Historical Environment 2010: Priorities UR1 (Synthesis of developer-funded research), UR2 (Urban characterisation) and UR 3 (Survival of early form and fabric in historic towns) EH Thematic Research Strategy for the Historic Industrial Environment 2010: Priority IND1 (Origins of industrialisation: understanding early industry) Medieval Pottery Research Group 2011, 22 (Priority A7) and 34-35, especially Research Aims EM 12 (Leicester) and EM 22-23 (Nottingham) References: Summary: Surviving medieval urban secular buildings are few in number within the region, and are perhaps best represented by a variety of well-preserved buildings of twelfth century and later date surviving in Lincoln[7][8].

In late spring, anchoring of sod to very firm traffic-compacted clay was 87% greater than to loamy sand, measured 14 days after sodding.

For that reason, we will continue to publish formal responses to papers in our online Brief Communications Arising section, in which contributions are peer reviewed and have a high threshold for acceptance.

As for the acceptance thresholds for readers using the new commenting facility, we are adopting a twin-track approach. Ocean warming enhances respiration and carbon demand of coastal microbial plankton.

Archaeological excavation has been undertaken to a varying extent in these larger towns, but much less so in the smaller urban settlements, and the emerging knowledge remains fragmentary[4].

Syntheses of the results of excavation, successfully completed for Lincoln[5], remain largely absent elsewhere, while comparative data and detail are lacking on key ceramic assemblages crucial for developing regional chronological frameworks and for elucidating trading networks.


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