Dating regina spektor

I heard she dated Julian Casablancas of the Strokes before he married someone else.

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Spektor is small and doll-like, with Shirley Temple curls framing a heart-shaped face.The music industry isn’t the pinnacle of queer visibility as you may have guessed, but overall music is much further along than other entertainment industries like film or theater.If we ever hope to have an equal standing in the music industry as heterosexuals do, it matters that us queer kids seek out and support queer-fronted music.” I was way too involved, and I’ve always wanted to build that 5-united-guys image.But there’s always somebody that made things harder, and drew attention to himself about a guitar solo that he wants to keep or some other things….In the early days of touring, there was some troubles, and I’ve become like the orchestral director, I was the one that told everyone what to do. I wanted us to be equal, but it was impossible, we were sharing everything, but some of us were really doing nothing, which created a feeling I was trying to repress. Note: I believe this next paragraph is supposed to be in the past tense, but I’m not 100% sure.) To forget his tyrannic image, Casablancas parties, drinks a lot, goes out with models (Chrissie Cornell) or singers (Regina Spektor).


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