Dating services clear lake city tx

Here is the full article and video clip below: By Reporter Tiffany Craig HOUSTON — A couple in Clear Lake found love through an old-fashioned matchmaker.

“I never in my wildest dreams thought you’d have to pay a dating service to get a date,” said Jill Lammers.

“I say no coffee because it feels like an interview and no lunch because it’s rushed.” Rose made her first love connection at the age of 16. The cost starts at ,900 for men and a thousand less for women. “I laugh because people text me all the time and they ask me ‘what’s the name of that dating service you used,’” Lammers said.

She took classes at the Matchmaking Institute and almost seemed destined to be a modern-day cupid. Rose actually spotted Rick Lammers in her building on Post Oak and recruited him. “I’m like ‘well here’s the name of it but here’s the problem, I’m not sure she has any Rick’s in the storage room.’” Finding true love cost Lammers ,900.

Follow KHOU along as they interview Jamie and a pair of her many clients who were married last December. Jamie is the go to girl for Matchmaking in Houston.

Being #1 in a city as large as Houston can be a whole different animal!

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