Dating with deformities

I don’t want to dress like a whore, and I don’t want to hang out in bars — hanging out in bars attracts drunks, and while I’m no teetotaler, I don’t want a drug-addicted partner.

I’m 30-years-old, and a virgin, and men my age are mostly the issue — they want ‘perfect girls,’ like the ones they see in porn.

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Because I don’t introduce myself in person and say, ‘Hi, I’m Kristin.A size 12 is a ‘heifer’; physical disabilities in America are still considered ‘okay’ to ridicule.So, I gave up on dating men long ago, as women attracted me more, anyhow.Would you date an ampute someone who had lost limbs .I can see some people not wanting to get involved with someone who is already ill depending on the degree of illness . So if you were dating someone and they became ill now there is millions of illnesses out there ...The bald thread has now hit on this so i want to ask a few questions .


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