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After he divorced his first wife, for whom he was married for 11 years, Tom Selleck was cast in one of the biggest box office hits of all time which helped him establish himself as a big shot in the Hollywood realm.

It was his role as private investigator Magnum which really shot him to fame.

You haven’t approved my most recent vacation requests.

Can we talk about what dates do work for me to take vacation time, so that I can schedule it?

On the other hand, some of these couples gave us some great times to look back on and then broke our hearts by separating for good.

If you think you can go through a mental checklist in your head and name some of the most iconic couples in the entertainment industry, then we’re here to help you out and lengthen that list.

With his 6’4 figure and his great looks, Selleck started modeling and soon he landed his first commercial gigs.

A big part of Tom Selleck’s life is definitely his military service.

That’s a huge disparity, and while the gap is a little surprising, the findings are not.She needs to know she is loved—rich or poor—flaws and all.” As a dating coach for smart, strong, successful women, I’ve seen this up close, and think that this is a genuine obstacle for women to overcome.I’ve written a lot about gender, money, and equality, and believe that the entire point of having money is that it gives you the freedom to marry for love rather than security. Male millionaires (smartly) don’t seek out female millionaires because, to them, it doesn’t matter what she makes.As we stroll down memory lane, some of the best romantic scenes will pop up in your head.You’ll think about those on-screen couples that took their chemistry off-screen.Tom’s first real struggle was when he wanted to attend the university of his dreams, but couldn’t afford it.


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