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The date for when the book of Daniel was written is somewhat controversial.For conservative Christians, the earliest date is about 530 BCE.

Does our Bible today preserve what was originally written?

This priceless collection of ancient manuscripts is invaluable to our understanding of the history of Judaism, the development of the Hebrew Bible, and the beginnings of Christianity.

and were written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek; they contain Biblical and apocryphal works, prayers and legal texts and sectarian documents.

During those same years, archaeologists tried to identify the people who deposited the scrolls. Since their discovery nearly half a century ago, the scrolls and the identity of the nearby settlement have been of great scholarly and public interest as well as heated controversy. In this article, Neil Altman, who has devoted much of his life to studying the scrolls, examines the latest evidence regarding the age and authenticity of these controversial artifacts.

They found the Qumran ruin, a complex of structures located on a barren terrace between the cliffs near the caves and the Dead Sea. While his conclusions are not accepted by everyone in the field, they bring up compelling questions surrounding some of the most famed group of documents in human history.


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