Did ryan buell dating katrina

Below is a long testimony from a former client of the PRS team.

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Is this just a stunt to help drive book sales and pick up media attention (which is clearly working)?I think it's ironic that this is a legal offence but taking people's money for something that (according to all the evidence) you can't do is fine provided you turn up and lie to people in person (and in a potentially very damaging way).There's also a misdemeanor charge of Theft of Services.Chip Coffey is a well-known psychic and medium who was once part of the cable TV series "Paranormal State" with Buell.Coffey was scheduled to team up with the ghost hunter again for his "Conversations With The Dead Tour."He says Buell and his team, the Paranormal Research Society, based here in the Triangle organized the tour and were in charge of all the details."Venues weren't booked. He says it was so unorganized, he had to bail on the U. tour in April, just days before it was supposed to start.The openly bisexual reality television personality, who founded the Paranormal Research Society at Penn State University when he was just 19-years-old, said: 'Hopefully getting to say I'm cancer free by Christmas!


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