Disability living allowance backdating

The time limits are generally quite short for short-term payments and are longer for long-term pensions.

Likewise, if you become responsible for a child, they will automatically backdate your claim to the date you started looking after the child as long as you make the claim within three months.

Some disabled people forced to transfer across to the government’s new disability benefit are missing out on thousands of pounds of backdated payments, thanks to “grossly unfair” rules, say campaigners.

Under the new personal independence payment (PIP) rules, existing disability living allowance (DLA) claimants have to apply for PIP if their circumstances change.

You should claim a payment as soon as you think you might be entitled to it.

If you make a late claim you may get a payment from the date you sent your claim to the department but you may not get your payment back-dated to the time you were entitled to it but did not claim.


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