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Only through that is how you can receive the strength and the grace to love the way God wants us to love him and others.” So said 38-year-old Eduardo Verastegui, who stars in the just-released , in the June/July 2012 issue of Catholic Digest.

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You may known his as one of Mexico's hottest model exports, but we know him as the guy who was the spokesperson for a series of terrible TV commercials against gay marriage. The film is narrated in the present day by the boy’s adult self, looking back at his childhood in the fictional 1940s-era town of O’Hare, Calif.More than 16 million Americans served in World War II. Verastegui is a first generation Mexican-American immigrant. Like many immigrants, every day I thank God for all the blessings this country has provided me and my family,” said Verastegui.Send video clips to Photos - Beautiful preborn babies in the womb Photos - See graphic, real abortion photos #1 Photos - See graphic, real abortion photos #2 Reasons for showing graphic abortion images Women share their painful abortion stories Former abortionists condemn abortion industry Planned Parenthood — America's largest abortion machine Catholic Bishops on Abortion & Elections Voter info on Abortion Espanol - Spanish Links News: Daily Pro-life Reports - Lifesite Breaking News Morning After Pill info FREE pro-life CATALOG with over 1,500 pro-life and chastity products. Touched by An Angel executive producer Martha Williamson produced a dramatic show about a woman's experience with abortion.Call 1-800-858-3040 to order yours today from our friends at Heritage House. Did Martha's own personal experience inspire this show? “The freedom that Americans enjoy is because of the sacrifices of these valiant men and women,” said Verastegui.


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