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In addition, we document a remarkably archaic new fossil peramelemorphian taxon that inhabited a latest Quaternary mosaic savannah-riparian forest ecosystem on the Aru Islands of Eastern Indonesia.

These probably originated during the late Palaeogene (30–40 Ma) alongside progenitors of other desert marsupials, and thus occupied seasonally dry heterogenous habitats long before the onset of late Neogene aridity.It took nearly two decades before she found an outlet at MIT, where the newly formed Physical Sciences Study Committee (PSSC) employed her and gave her a space to work. Little, a photography enthusiast himself, served on the PSSC committee, organized at MIT in 1956 to reform physics education in American high schools.When Abbott approached Doubleday about a book on her science photographs, the publisher put her in touch with E. Abbott made the trek to Cambridge in a snowstorm to meet with Little and pitch her idea, and was hired on the spot. Fee (English language version): 198,00 Euro Term: Autumn 2015 Further information Examination of Transparent Coatings on Furniture and Wooden Objects This course emphasizes a practical approach to coatings examination, from overall inspection techniques to spot analysis: It covers observation with visible and ultraviolet light, solubility tests, examination of cross-sections, microchemical tests as well as histochemical staining methods. The last chapter explains the practical storage problems, the climatic conditions and the correct packing and transportation of globes. Patricia Engel and Michael Højlund Rasmussen Fee: 198,00 Euro Term: Autumn 2015 Further information Erhaltung von Wachsmoulagen (Conservation of Wax Moulages) This Internet-based training module gives insight into the history of moulages and the process of their manufacturing. Fee: 139,00 Euro Term: Spring 2015 Further information Restoration Theories and Methods from 1945 to the present day The course focuses on the history of restoration as explained through the different restoration theories and their practical application in Italy and elsewhere since the late 1940s. The main chapters deal with specific suggestions for conservators concerning concrete practical conservation requests including the preparation of some materials.have defined three taxonomic subdivisions within the crown superfamily Perameloidea (Fig.


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