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Its like phone sex but with VR cam girls you can play have have VR sex with Saucy Time VR models.Can Apple's Face Time do for videocalling what its i Pad has done for tablet PCs?Videophone technology has been a recurring theme in sci-fi over the years, but it's been available for a long time now and the vast majority of calls are still voice-only.Erotica delivered to your smartphone via Face Time with beautiful sexy webcam girls.Saucy Time offers VR 360 3D access to their VR Camgirls.Presentable is a key term here – this isn't the sort of phone sex job where you could get away with taking calls in fluffy slippers, a bathrobe and curlers… And the technology itself presents a few new challenges that even webcam girls will be unfamiliar with – the front-facing camera on the i Phone 4 is pretty much designed to capture only your face when you're looking at the screen in a videocall…


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