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Then I thought about the differences between her and me.

She embraced form-fitting Lycra and her pneumatically curvy, top-heavy figure looked sensational on a bike.

There are tons of great sites out there that provide detailed, ongoing bike news and coverage (e.g. suggestions welcome) or at least scathing enough to give me a good chuckle. Here's one that was forwarded to me by a reader in Olso, Norway...

To get to the heart of how the working parents do it all, we asked the couple to tell us exactly how they make their training and real-life partnership a success. The advice scales beyond the scope of training; it’s rooted in communication. It’s not just one person going “yah, yah, yah,” there’s genuine shared passion and interest, which is a direct consequence of having the same goals as your partner.

“When you set your goals together, it not only gives you something to do together, but it becomes the thing you want to talk about when you’re not training,” Elden emphasized. Leadville has always been a big event for Elden and Lisa.

When I first began commuting by bike in London a female friend started at the same time.

Every day she had a new tale of being bullied, shouted at or harassed by fellow cyclists and motorists.


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