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The present document describes how to compile and use the provided FW upgrade source code algorimt under Linux using a binary file *. Please, consider the same conditions described in AN16 related to USB/serial port configuration and supported modules.

All arguments for long options have the same meaning as for short arguments. -b, --baudrate=value The baudrate to be used for the update.

While many people have no use for this guide, I recently had a bootloader issue and nobody seemed to know what to do, in fact, steelseries' own help page is horribly outdated and has links to pages that no longer exist, so I thought I would post this in the hope that I can help people in the future.

I had the issue with my steelseries sensei, but this should work for any peripheral.

Three 4K PHOTO modes: [4K Burst] [4K Burst Start/Stop] [4K Pre-Burst] are added to help users capture the unmissable moments and users can choose a best shot with easy, intuitive touch-control operation after shooting.

Free 100GB storage on Google Drive is offered to LUMIX GH4 users (2 years)*.


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