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Most people are very surprised to learn that Florida only has 2 legal nude beaches.

In this state that has more nudist resorts than any other state, you will only find 2 beaches where you can feel safe from the police when you take off your clothes.

We've got everything from historic barrier islands to idyllic coastal getaways right here in the good ol' US of A that will have you yearning for just one more vacation day.

And sometimes, some of us, take an irreversible step plunging into shadows.(Coastal Living) -- Winter storms stir up a bounty of prize shell specimens on the shore. Seashells cover the beaches, tinkling like wind chimes as they tumble over one another in the waves.Coastal Living magazine rounds up 10 of the best beaches to hunt for them. Sanibel Island, Florida Experts crown Sanibel, off Fort Myers in southwest Florida, as the best U. Low-key development, abundant wildlife and great restaurants make the island a wonderful all-around getaway; 800/237-6444 or The city estimates that this nude beach brings in millions of dollars to the local economy.Haulover is a beautiful, classy, clothing-optional beach, with lifeguards and police patrols. When you think "islands" these are just a few of the exotic destinations that come to mind.


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