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Now, the shading looks a bit weird, since there is no light source.Al 9maanden aan het chatten met knappe dame met lang zwart haar is verpleester.An before you know it you were in a car, what is up with him and kidnapping you????Okay, so the style is looks very cute, but you could imrpove a bit.

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: If i hide your comment that means i won't do it for so FNAF we got: Freddy and toy freddy (meiko)Bonnie and toy bonnie (Miku)Chica and toy chica (rin)Springtrap (Neru)Foxeh (Luka)Mangle (Teto)Purple Girl Fredbear Female Nighmare (Zatsune)Child from FNAF4Nightmare male Female Fredbear Candy the cat (Female)Cupcake (young version)Nightmare Bonnie Nightmare Chica Nightmare Foxy Nightmare Freddy Old Bonnie (Miku)Old Chica (Rin)Old Freddy (Meiko)All Female Securites The Marionette and Female!

Mexico Youtubers we have: Jacksepticeye Markiplier Pewdiepie Deadlox Creepypasta we have: Sally Nintendo we have: Rosalina Zero Suit Samus Daisy Peach For Hagane we have: Hagane Chika Hagane Len Hagane Luka Hagane Miku Hagane Rin Hagane CULHagane IAHagane Lily Hagane Mikianother Hagane Miku Hagane Miku append Hagane Neruanother Hagane Rin Hagane See UHagane Teto Hagane VFlower Animesa we have: ALL VOCALOIDS AND UTAU!

Zij vroeg mijn nr, maar dat wordt blijkbaar onleesbaar gemaakt door de site, waardoor het onmogelijk is om af te spreken.

Ook word je betaling om te chatten omgerekend in credits; 20 euro voor 200 credits.


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