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Complainant Versus Mahmood Farooqui S/o Mahboob Rahman R/o H. This role of the Judge has been explained in the case of Zahira Habibulla H. I moved to Delhi in June 2014 as a Fulbright fellow looking for contacts for my work in Gorakhpur and was put in contact with Mr. She stated that she is not aware if US Embassy gives consular services to American citizens who are victims of crime and sexual assault in India including emergency services. He sent the exhibits to FSL Rohini on and through Ct. He could not ascertain whether the number 9643899194 belonged to the prosecutrix. from the number 9643899194 which was of 1336 seconds. He also admitted that he had a conversation with the prosecutrix on . The quest in all criminal trials is to arrive at the truth and therefore, the role of the Judge is to cull out the true facts from the evidence led before him and ensure that guilty does not go scotfree and innocent's life and liberty is not jeopardised. The proof of charge which has to be beyond reasonable doubt must depend upon judicial evaluation of the totality of the evidence, oral and circumstantial and not be an isolated scrutiny. I am finishing up my PHD field work on Hindi Literature the Nath Sampraday. She denied that her allegations of forced oral sex, pinning down of her arms and sexual assault by the accused are false. He stated that he had read the articles written by the accused published in Indian Express on Ex. He stated that he could not recall if on at a.m., he had received a call from the prosecutrix which lasted for 43 minutes (2595 seconds). He admitted that on and , he had talked twice on the above number. He stated that he had called the prosecutrix on which she became very angry and said that after the trauma she has gone through, she would not withdraw her complaint and then disconnected the phone. When he realized that his phone was buzzing, there were SMSs and missed calls from the accused's wife and Darrain Shahidi but he does not recall if he took their calls or called them back but he recalls that they had asked him to intervene and ask the prosecutrix to withdraw the complaint and thereafter he called the prosecutrix.

Although I am Asian myself, Mahmood plays too much on his background and how he is a non-white person in a world ful of white middle-class hacks.PAS 10 68.5E 3836 V "Super Sport and Fame" have left , replaced by info cards.PAS 10 68.5E 4075 V "The Hungama Channel test card" is now encrypted. He denied that there was no call from the wife of the accused nor of the accused prior to the filing of the complaint. He denied that there was no suggestion that he should intervene in the matter. call on at from the mobile number 7042132004 (prosecutrix), he stated that he wanted to invite the prosecutrix in the event on that day but she refused saying that she has to go for a dinner at her friend's house, he had attended the call PX, he kept on saying 'Hello Hello......' however no response came from the other side. He stated that on at about p.m., the prosecutrix came in his restaurant and when he asked her about the call she said she never called him. After the prosecution evidence, statement of the accused under section 313 Cr PC was recorded. He stated that later she called him and reiterated which he conveyed to the wife of the accused and the accused on the next morning. He admitted that after the complaint, he had received lot of phone calls from common friends.IN THE COURT OF SHRI SANJIV JAIN, ADDITIONAL SESSIONS JUDGE ­ SPECIAL. He was confronted with the Whatsapp messages Mark PX exchanged on which he admitted to have exchanged with the prosecutrix. He stated that the father­in­law of the accused passed away in May 2015. He stated that he does not recall if he had sent congratulatory message to the accused after seeing his interview by Ravish on NDTV on but when he was confronted with the message dated at p.m, he admitted that he had sent the said message. 41/161 PW 11 Jacklyn Michael was a PHD scholar and Researcher of Dastangoi. AD/H12 from the landlord of the accused vide memo Ex. On , the prosecutrix had shown her some prints from the laptop but she did not take those into possession since she wanted to take those with the laptop and mobile. or who were present in the house of the accused during that period. She had told him that she has been coming to India since 2002 and completing her research but she wanted contacts from Gorakhpur.


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