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That night, Panasonic imaging director Yosuke Yamane bragged about the camera’s double-whammy image stablisation: lens stabilisers and in-body stabilisers work together. I learned later that Team New Zealand uses the GH5 for video analysis, and the camera’s predecessor, the GH4, hadn’t been up to the task.“With the GH4 they had to do post-stabilisation,” explains Andrew Reid, who manages Lumix products in New Zealand.Wireless broadband is so easy to set up, you don't even need a technician to connect you.

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If you choose a Wireless Broadband/Landline plan you will have to use Spark for your direct dial toll calling (Non-code access).Technological solutions are part of the solution to keeping kids safe online, but education is just as important.We encourage adults to have open conversations with young people about the responsibility that goes along with ownership of a connected device.Technically known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones are becoming more and more common.They have even been described as the tractors of the future.Their rapidly growing availability and use by agencies and hobbyists has triggered fears about their impact on privacy and aviation safety - so much so that our office has received 10 media enquiries in recent months from reporters wanting to know the privacy rules that apply to drones.


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