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One of the most important safety precautions as a smartphone user is to keep its operating system (OS) up to date.

It's important because, when OS vulnerabilities are discovered, updates are sent out that contain patches for those flaws. Here are the steps to update both Apple i OS and Android OS: Apple Go into your "Settings" app and select "General." From there, select "Software Update" and your i Phone will begin to check for updates.

The tablet version of the live sex chat site livejasmin is very portable.

You can access it from an android tablet or an ipad.

Look for the iconic blue heart, indicating that your partner's vibrator is connected to your device.

The Oh-Dometer is a fun and flirty way of logging and tracking your orgasms over time and even set weekly goals.

Ustream’s Broadcaster desktop software offers easy to use live streaming capabilities.

Broadcast or record in HD, up to 720p resolution, through a connected webcam or quickly switch from camera to screen capture with a single click.

The Oh-Dometer will track and chart your orgasms over time and let you know, on average when you are having orgasms with an Oh-Zone chart. Compatible with all Oh Mi Bod vibrators except Lovelife and the Club Vibe line.

Then select "Download and Install."Android Open Settings If there is an available update tap Restart and Install.

If your phone is stolen, the thief can gain access to all of the sensitive data that's stored in it.

It's not just criminals trying to break into our gadgets either.

It was recently leaked that the CIA has been hacking smartphones, TVs and other items to spy on us for years.


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