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We apply this method simultaneously to one Greenland (NGRIP) and three Antarctic (EPICA Dome C, EPICA Dronning Maud Land, and Vostok) ices cores, and refine existent chronologies.

Our results show that consistent ice and gas chronologies can be derived for depth intervals that are well-constrained by relevant glaciological data.

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Be have been measured in the top portion of the 1966 Camp Century deep ice core using tandem accelerator mass spectrometry.He returned to Iceland in 986, intent on encouraging others to settle the rugged island.With this in mind, he referred to the island as Greenland, reasoning that a pleasant name would be more likely to attract settlers.The primary motivations were to look for correlations with solar activity and to test the possibility that the ratio of Cl would provide a means for dating old ice.An increase in each radioisotope is seen during the Maunder sunspot minimum (1650 to 1715 a.d), as expected, but there are fluctuations of a factor of 2 or more over short time periods and a possible correlation with solar activity is apparent only when the data is mathematically smoothed.In 1979, Greenland became a self-governing part of the Danish realm after passage of a popular referendum.


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