Group dating sites stop azureus v2 updating to v3

And it's looking at adding Facebook Connect to Ignighter, which would allow you to auto-fill your Ignighter profile with info -- and friends -- from Facebook. ) That's important if Ignighter is ever going to be a significant business: Sachs says Ignighter has about 30,000 registered users, but only about 25% of them -- 7,500 -- used the site last month.(Sachs says 95% of its users are also on Facebook.) Assuming people actually have interest in group dating to begin with, these all sound like good ideas that should make the site more useful -- which could, in turn, attract more users. NYC-based Ignighter's costs are low -- 4 full time employees, 3 part time.After all, many of the companies in its portfolio are competitors to Tinder, such as OKCupid and Plentyof Fish.Back in 2015 BTIG analyst Brendan Ross wrote that "the better that the free Tinder product (or other similar products at scale) becomes, and the more it appeals to a wider base of daters, the less likely daters are to convert to become paying subscribers of legacy Match Companies." Ross went on to argue that Match's non-Tinder assets were already seeing growth stall, which he put down to cannibalisation from Tinder.The idea behind Ignighter is for your group -- buddies from college, coworkers, etc.-- to meet up with other groups for hanging out/dating/flirting/whatever. Ignighter cofounder Adam Sachs tells us it's now possible for groups to "follow" another group's updates as you would on Twitter.

Smeeters – started in Paris and launched in London in October – and Grouper, already running in 25 cities in North America and coming to the capital this month.

And the dating app that was expected to cannibalise the others was Tinder.

Tinder is hugely popular — Match said in its earnings report that it has 1 million members of its paid "Tinder Plus" tier that offers extra features.

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