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Somehow everyone's conversation seems to revolve around Patrick's size, and Jeff is asked by several people to accompany him to the toilet to check.Nigel Betts [ Neighbour ], Adam Astill [ Barman ], Simon Bateso [ Michael ], Gwenllian Davies [ Aunt Muriel ], Katharine Page [ Agatha ], Jeremy Peters [ Undertaker ], Brian Shelley [ Vicar ] Jeff explains to the guys about 'The Giggle Loop': the danger that the more you try to suppress laughter in important silences, the harder you want to laugh.Pink is set to be THE tone to try this season, plus we should all be wearing pencil skirts right now to celebrate Kim Kardashian’s wedding! But if you miss out on stealing Michelle's style, there's pink aplenty on the high street.From a Missguided bargain to a buttery soft leather Jigsaw option, we've got all budgets, shapes and shades covered.Cersei wears mourning colours not only to mourn the loss of her son Joffrey, but also of her power and control."Mother's Mercy" is the tenth and final episode of the fifth season of HBO's fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 50th overall. "Mother's Mercy" garnered critical acclaim, with critics lauding Lena Headey's performance, David Nutter's direction and the writing of Benioff and Weiss. Much as you'd like to, you may not have time to watch a dozen hours of Game Of Thrones episode commentaries in order to glean the odd fact with which to impress/bore your nearest and dearest. The death of Tywin Lannister was considered a turning point in the show, after which all the different parts of the world, and different characters, would cross over as everything is steadily being brought home and drawn towards a conclusion. The flashback to Cersei’s visit to Maggy the Frog in . The idea of the animated game-style opening credits changing as the episode locations changed later replaced that. Conleth Hill, who plays Varys, originally auditioned for the role of King Robert Baratheon, taken by Mark Addy. Season five was intended as "a resetting", according to producer Bryan Cogman.

This being Lorraine's High Street Fashion Awards, Michelle's leather pencil skirt is from River Island, and so is the rest of her pastel ensemble.

The episode won Emmy Awards for Writing in a Drama Series and Directing in a Drama Series for Benioff & Weiss and Nutter.

The weather conditions at Stannis Baratheon's camp drastically improve, clearing the route towards Winterfell.

Elizabeth Marmur [ Jill ] Steve is worried that Susan has discovered a compromising tape in his video collection.

Jane persuades her therapist to come along as a guest at a dinner party.


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