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In July 2012 he was recognised for his lifetime achievement at the British Archaeological Awards.

Mick was born in the Black Country, the son of a cabinet maker, and studied geography with archaeology as a subsidiary at Birmingham University.

Common to all these achievements was his ability to communicate.

He 'suffered from enthusiasm', as he himself used to say, and his warmth and informality, his deep knowledge of monuments and historic buildings, not to mention the carefree hairstyle and stripy jumpers that made him instantly recognisable to Sunday tea-time television viewers, meant that he was held in great affection by his profession.

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If you have ever planted and cared for a tree or shrub, you can establish a hedgerow without any difficulties.The parish of Codicote, the village and the worked landscape around it, has existed for over 2,000 years. While little remains above ground of Bronze Age hut and burial mounds or Iron Age settlements, a prehistoric, and later Roman, road runs along the parish boundary. The churchyard and parts of the church are Norman, while a number of hamlets are mediaeval; many hedges still record the shape of the mediaeval open fields and strips.The form of the village reflects its heyday as a market town; many houses date to the early 17th century.The most important woodland butterfly is the heath fritillary which was introduced by the Trust in 1984.This attractive butterfly became extinct in Essex by the end of the 19th century due to the decline of good coppice woodland.The caterpillar of the heath fritillary feeds on common cow-wheat and this plant has increased greatly with the coppicing in Thrift Wood.


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