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An arrest report revealed Beach learned his brother's former girlfriend identified him when law enforcement released surveillance video connected to the April 30 incident that led to the death of Luis Campos.In the report, Beach saw the statement made against him through police documents obtained by his lawyer.Davis is represented by the public interest law firm Liberty Counsel. I truly believe Judge Bunning wanted to intimidate Christians and send a very clear message – that resistance to same-sex marriage will not be tolerated -- doing with the gavel what Bull Connor tried to do with dogs and fire hoses.The firm’s attorneys asked the court to accommodate her beliefs by simply removing her name from the licenses. He refused to accommodate her religious beliefs -- and ordered U. Christian leaders, among them Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, urged Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear to call a special session of the legislature to enact emergency protections for religious liberty.She allowed the prostitution to continue.”It further states KSP believes communication relevant to the investigation was likely done through King’s cell phone.The search warrant included a request to examine King’s cell phone, which was granted. 3, 2015 photo made available by the Carter County Detention Center shows Kim Davis. clerk went to jail Thursday for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, but five of her deputies agreed to comply with the law, ending a two-month standoff.(The Associated Press) Pastor Rick Warren once told me the fight for religious liberty would become the civil rights issue of our generation.

According to Las Vegas Metro police, James Beach, 27, was re-booked on a count of intimidating a witness to influence testimony.It happened in the Commonwealth of Kentucky where Judge David Bunning ordered U. Marshalls to arrest Kim Davis - the clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky. We must be willing to stand up to judicial tyranny. Davis is a devout Christian who refused to issue gay marriage licenses.History has taught us that sometimes words are not enough. She claimed that doing so would violate her religious beliefs.Currently, there are no pending charges against King or anyone else from Quality Inn; however, the allegations of knowledge of, at the very least, commercial sexual activity taking place are consistent with witness testimony given during pretrial court proceedings. 9 testimony, a front desk clerk of Quality Inn, who worked at the hotel during the alleged events and testified under oath, told the court she knew what was happening and believed it to be just prostitution.She also testified the owner and the manager knew about it.“I knew there was prostitution,” she said.You may not think that what you know about the case is very significant; however, small pieces of information are often required to determine what really happened.


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