Iran accused of intimidating bbc persian staff

In recent years staff and their family members have been routinely subjected to harassment and intimidation by the Iranian authorities.Abstract: The regime that controls Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, the world’s fourth-largest oil producer, and close to acquiring a nuclear weapon.The authorities extended the use of intimidation and harassment to journalists’ family members.The media environment in Iran, which remained one of the most repressive in the world, was also affected by further outlet closures and systematic internet censorship.

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[…] This was a revenge of the people against the hardliners who intimidated them, jailed them, executed them, drove them to exile, pushed them out of their jobs, and discriminated against women.“Witness the latest repression targeting the mullahs’ usual suspects.Controlled by this regime are 74 million Iranians, 60 percent of which are under age 30, multitudes of whom reject the fanatic theocracy that tries to separate them from outside ideas. government’s international broadcasting complex, Iran is a place where a good communication strategy is a necessity; it is also a place of great opportunity. international broadcasting a priority in an age of budget constraints is a challenging task.Millions of Iranians hunger not only for news, but for democracy—as evidenced by the Green Movement protests of 2009. Tragically, America’s principal instrument, Voice of America’s Persian News Network (PNN), has simply not been up to the task. Topping the list of countries to which to expand communication, according to Voice of America Director David Ensor, are four clear targets: Pakistan, North Korea, China, and, not least, Iran.She said the order was preventing staff from selling or buying property, cars and other goods.BBC Persian, which broadcasts on TV, on radio and online, is banned in Iran.In 2010, the government broadened the definition of the crime of , or “enmity against God,” in order to convict activists and journalists.


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