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The problem is that, in an online set-up, many women expect the initial approach to be made by men.

Many of them are battle-weary, tired of being relentlessly pursued (no, really) and bruised by ham-fisted messages and overly forthright approaches.

Oh, and one other thing, he must be able to play the bagpipes, or at least enjoy its beautiful sound.” Eh, good luck with that . Generally the stereotyping of the Irish male is stuck somewhere in the 1950s, a land where the men are tall, quiet and gentle, and excel in a natural chivalry.The visual impression made by the city of Dubai on my first trip in from the airport was stunning.The glitz and glamour of some of the finest buildings I’ve ever seen will be hard enough to forget. At times I felt like I was on a film set for Start Wars; all that was missing were flying cars.Irish Times Abroad is a new home for Irish-connected people around the world, with first-person Generation Emigration stories, news, interviews, features and opinion by and about the Irish overseas.Join the Irish Times Abroad Network to keep up to date with our best journalism, and to contribute your own experiences and opinions.Someone once said that asking someone to love you is a bit like holding your beating heart out in front of them and hoping they won’t crush it in their fist for giggles.


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