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Making her professional debut in 1990 she has been a professional tennis player for nearly 25 year achieving feats like becoming no 1 in the tennis world ranking, winning several singles titles and even earning Olympic gold in the 1992 Olympics.Total Net Worth :- million (in 2017 as per Forbes) : Jennifer has been dated with Dale Da Bone, Xavier Malisse etc.Former US tennis star Jennifer Capriati’s former boyfriend has said that her recent drug overdose was linked to her depression over his recent return to working in the porn industry.Capriati was found in a ‘dazed’ state in her Riviera Beach condo on Sunday and was said to have swallowed a handful of pills in an attempt to end her life.She is a former professional tennis player and winner of three women’s singles championships in Grand Slam tournaments making her one of the few people to hold an accomplishment like that.It’s a fact that the greatest professionals ever in sports always started young and Jennifer was playing this game ever since she was a child, thanks to her parents who nudged her to the sports she became a sports person who would go on to conquer the coveted no 1 spot.In Grand Slam women's singles play, Evert won a record seven championships at the French Open and a co-record six championships at the US Open (tied with Serena Williams).

Rumours of girls and booze and partying gives him a George Best-type aura. Sport needs these kinds of characters, otherwise it’s all too squeaky-clean. Jennifer Capriati is an eternal source of gossip from the tour. But, as the only news source to report the Jennifer was dating a blue-movie stud, they sadly were the only source I can find to de-bone (their words, not mine) the story. So it seems: Hingis confirmed the fact according to the Telegraph.

There is a retired tennis player called Jennifer Capriati who recently suffered an overdose of prescription medicine and is being treated at a hospital in southern Florida. But it wouldn't really have registered on my radar if it weren't for the porn angle. Capriati's ex-boyfirend, a man called Dale Dabone (no doubt of the Hampton Dabones) went to the trouble of contacting TMZ to help them get as much detail as possible regarding Ms. Jennifer Capriati's ex-boyfriend says he believes two big things went down in her life that caused her to accidentally OD on prescription drugs -- his return to porn and her depression over tennis. Da Bone claims Jen got horribly depressed every time a grand slam event went down. That is a long time to date anyone, let alone a professional tennis player. That one stars Nick Manning, Madelyn Marie, and is produced by Bluebird Films, not Vivid Entertainment.

Interestingly, the OD occurred Sunday, during the time Wimbledon was on. This means there are two competing Batman porn parodies. Anyway, I just read on your site that my ex-girlfriend J-Cap OD'd, and I thought you'd like to know that I was part of the perfect storm that caused it... The first part of the storm was that Wimbledon was going on, and she gets depressed about grand slam events. Ours has the words "porn" and "parody" right there in the title, so there's no confusion.

If you are Gary Neville, how humiliated do you feel right now?

Here is a player who has won every honour at club level, won countless caps for his country, played in some of the most intimidating stadiums around the world.


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