Jong kook eun hye dating

Recently, the first "Members Week" special episode of the "Running Man" was aired, showing how the cast members got an opportunity to bond together in a resort.

Actress Song Ji Hyo and her fellow cast members completed the tasks which included plunging into an icy outdoor mini-pool. 8, Sunday also featured a new challenge where Ji Hyo's cast members had to rest their hands on a lie detector device while they were questioned.

So did her bf jealous when she so close wit other guys?? i do agree that kjk and yeh had appeared many times in xman together and even went on papers.

he might jealous because of the kissing scene at the goong.... And i heard that she have many anti-fans ages ago... so poor.seriously don think they(kjh & yeh) are in relationship.

Meanwhile, according to the reports, the cast members of the variety show are getting ready for the planned Taiwan fan meeting that is to be held on Feb. According to a source who spoke to Yonhap News, the fan event will take place despite the show's impending end and possibly Yoo Jae Suk will be unable to join the meet due to busy schedule.The latest episode of the popular SBS variety show "Running Man" unveiled some interesting facts about the cast members.In the latest episode it was revealed in a lie detector test that Kim Jong Kook has feelings for Yoon Eun Hye, and what Lee Kwang Soo thinks about Song Joong Ki.The first "Running Man" cast member Kwang Soo underwent the lie detector game where he stated confidently that he is at par with Song Joong Ki's popularity.The question for Jong Kook was if he still has romantic feelings for actress Eun Hye.The reporter giving this tipoff has asked their agencies for confirmation and in a panick, they replied,'How did you know? A short while later, they changed their tone and added that,'it is only a tour between friends'.


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