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However, Lithuanian ethnologist Romualdas Apanavičius believes the possible etymology of the hypothetical original form could be linked with the Proto-European root *gan(dh)- meaning 'a vessel; haft (of a sword)' also linking it with the Russian name gusli.The kokles has a hollow trapezoidal body (ķermenis or korpuss) usually carved out of a single piece of wood (vienkocis) that's topped with a thin ornated wooden soundboard (skaņgaldiņš).

According to Finnish linguist Eino Nieminen, the name of the instrument, along with most of its neighbouring counterparts (Lithuanian kanklės, Livonian kāndla, Estonian kannel and Finnish kantele), possibly comes from a proto-Baltic form *kantlīs/*kantlēs originally meaning 'the singing tree', ultimately deriving from the Proto-European root *qan- – 'to sing, sound'.A distinct feature that sets kokles apart from most of the other string instruments is that the strings don't rest on a bridge, making the sound quieter, but richer in timbre.Wooden (or sometimes metal) tuning pegs (tapas) are set into the wide tip of the body, while at the narrow tip is a metal rod (stīgturis) upon which the strings are secured, giving them a slightly fan-shaped arrangement. Traditionally, there were 6–9 strings which later increased to 10 and more.Gulbis and Novak have known each other for more than a decade dating back to their days at Niki Pilic’s academy in Munich, but that is not the pair we want to talk about; as we wonder who the lady holding his heart is?!We’ve been trying to search for clues on his love life but no luck so far, his social media accounts have tons of pictures but none depicting a special lady...if you're introverted or not the best-looking guy by "speaking to her DNA", a unique speaking technique I decoded. Dude on right: “He he, I’m here with my harem of pretty Latvian hook-ups!


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