Lets chat about sex form christianity dating back luther calvin

An interactive, performance cabaret all about every aspect of sex, leading a sex education revolution.

Sexual imagery has never been more accessible yet has little connection with the reality of our sex lives.

Bring your lippy, kiss your neighbour, shake what ya got... PLEASE NOTE: This event is rude and not for the faint hearted.

Queerlective, all graduates of the Duckie Homosexualist Summer School bring together their diverse and exciting practices to create fresh and bold performances.

Read the full discussion — and see some of the most interesting interactions below.

The media edits and glamourises the human body and pornography is easy to watch but difficult to discuss.

Most people’s memories of learning about sex are embarrassing conversations at home or at school that focus solely on the anatomy and forget about pleasure, gender, sexual preference, relationships, fun and all the other things that are so important to healthy sex lives. Through immersive art, theatre and music we will take you on a bold, exciting and informative exploration of all things sex. Enter our world of sex education where you will watch provocative performances, chat to our professionals about consent, your rights the body and much more. Later, join them at the after-party at Seven Sisters newest venue, Five Miles!

In this report we examine the quality of our sexual relationships and how they impact upon our relationship quality and our wellbeing.

This is a colourful and fun book that takes girls through the journey of puberty changes and period management.


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