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Durian was born with his facial expressions opposite to everyone else.

The film shows a time span of this little boy growing into a young adult, by displaying milestones in both his real life and his imaginary world.

It wasn’t just a one-time blunder—it was the single worst mistake in a whole cluster bomb of missteps, errors, power plays, and just plain meanness that created the region’s transportation infrastructure.

As we look at the future of Atlanta, there’s no question that battling our notorious traffic and sprawl is key to the metro area’s potential vitality.

They broke up in May 2011 — but Famm “repeatedly and continuously sent unsolicited text messages and emails” to Billeci, “including forwarded internal emails from his employer marked ‘confidential,’ ” the suit says.

Billeci said Famm, who did not return a call for comment, got an order of protection against her based on unspecified “outright lies,” the suit says.

When it comes time to determine who the all-time greatest stud is, two names instantly top the list: Sinatra and Elvis.

Cobb voters rejected MARTA, while it got approval from the city and the four other counties.In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Marta Billeci says she spent four months dating Soros Fund employee Taye Famm in 2011 — and the next three years trying to get away from him.The suit says Famm would send Billeci, 40, “unsolicited tips” about what the big-bucks fund was doing in a bid to woo her, but Billeci never used them.Determining who ranks at the top and who falls to second place is a matter of personal preference.Suffice it to say, there can be no argument that The King and The Chairman of the Board stand atop the all-time stud ladder…. When it comes to determining the next in line to wear the crown of Ladies’ Man in Chief (LMC) is a bit sketchier.Kathy would later say the marriage was a terrible, terrible mistake….. He “settles down” with Patti, a Beach Party movie vixen at his Malibu beach house. Lee has officially hit his stride when he bags Miss America 1959.


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